Ignite Firing System

Ignite Firing System

Posted by Matt Natole on Dec 11th 2023

Creating Spectacular Firework Displays with IGNITE Firing System 

Are you looking to take your firework displays to new heights? Look no further than Ignite! A new smartphone enabled fireworks firing system. Allowing you to take a step back and truly enjoy your shows!

No More Lighting by Hand

Who wants to be running all over the place with a lighter, hoping you’ll be able to make the timing of your show? Instead, with a few buttons you can design your show in advance with perfect synchronization, including shooting multiple fireworks from different locations at the same time.

Enjoy Your Shows

Once it’s showtime, set up a chair, open the app, and with the press of a button you can watch your creation boom to life! Enjoy with friends and family as you all get to enjoy your mesmerizing fireworks display.

Putting on a Big Show?

Simplify your shoot day by preparing the whole display in advance! Design your show, calculate proper timing, layout, and connect your fireworks to the system in advance to make the execution of your show flawless and stress-free!

Revolutionizing Fireworks Safety

Accidents happen to even the most meticulous of pyro fanatics. Keep your family, friends, and self safe by using IGNITE to keep a safe distance between you and the fireworks as they’re firing.

Have More Fun!

IGNITE helps ease the process of planning a show. Giving you more time to focus on the best part of fireworks - having fun!

If you're looking to create breathtaking firework displays that leave a lasting impression, the Ignite Firing System is the ultimate choice. With its precise timing, ease of use, safety features, and reliable performance, it's a powerful tool for pyrotechnic professionals and enthusiasts alike. Elevate your firework displays to new heights with the Ignite Firing System and dazzle your audience with unforgettable visual spectacles.